Swift Tarmac

Durable, lightweight yet very practical, the Swift Tarmac is designed using water-repellent Tarpaulin and detailed with reflective strips. The exterior shell of the Swift Tarmac is also waterproof and UV-protected against the sun. The bag from the inside is crafted from an aluminum laminated fabric that maintains the food’s temperature.

The bag also features 3 velcros on three sides of the bag for you to put your brand and design on it. The bag is installed on the back of the bike using screws and bolts to attach the bag to the grill. Finally, the best part of the swift tarmac is that it is easily folded down and fixed inside the metal base so that you can put it away in a neat way.



  • A grill attachment that is easily installed on the motorbike or bike
  • Bag Easily fixed on the bottom metal base secure operation.
  • Economical shipping: six bags can be packed in the same volume as one open bag.
  • Strong fast velcro closing on the top of the bag.
  • Buckle closure on the top of the bag with reinforced stitching to ensure durability.
  • 3 velcro on three sides all around the bag to brand your bag.
  • The top is insulated: with a 3 layer insulation of 5mm foam, aluminum cover, and 5 mm corrugated plastic.
  • Internal aluminum laminated fabric, that aims to maintain the food’s temperature.
  • Waterproof and water repellent fabric.
  • Tarpaulin 500D fabric is used on the bag to withstand any form of weather conditions.
  • UV protection for the fabric to protect from the sun.

To manufacture the Swift tarmac we use the best quality of Tarpaulin 500D which has special characteristics of being water repellent and UV  Protected which gives excellent protection from the sun. The bag also comes with a metal base to fix the bag on the motorbike or bike.

The main purpose of the Swift Tarmac bag is to pack groceries, and other meals like pizza, platters, and hot meals.

This bag can also be used by couriers that work for flink and go puff.

We have two sizes for this bag: 


Internal Size: 45cm x 44cm x 39 cm

External Size: 46cm x 39cm x 34cm

Internal Capacity: 76 Liters

Material: Tarpaulin 500D



Internal Size: 40cm x 38.5cm x 30cm

External Size: 40cm x 39.5cm x 32cm

Internal Capacity: 51 Liters

Material: Tarpaulin 500D


here you can watch one of our successful clients FLINK who chose the Swift Tarmac for his Operation


Customization Options:  

  • Flex digital printing
  • Reflective digital printing
  • Sublimation printing 
  • Silkscreen printing


The bag set up and installed process:

  1. Install the base on the bike or motorbike.
  2. Unfold the bag by pushing down the box in its place.
  3. Put the bag on the base and make sure to fit the side metal tongues in the side pockets of the bag.
  4. Pass the velcros straps inside the left and right hole and then tighten it.


The flex is easily attached to the velcro around the bag.  The bag has three velcros, left, right, and front; for a complete customized branded bag.

Additional information

External Dimension (cm)

40x40x30, 45x45x35

External Dimension (inches)

15.7"x15.7"11.8", 17.7"x17.7"x13.7"

Internal Dimension (cm)

40x40x30, 45x44x35

Internal Dimension (inches)

15.7"x15.7"x11.8", 17.7"x17.3"x13.7'

Int Capacity

51, 76





Carry Mode

Bike, Hand