Foldable Insulated Backpack Prodel Swift LT Plus – 353545

This foldable insulated backpack is designed to be versatile. It can be used for many applications like, restaurant and catering food delivery, grocery and parcels delivery, and any other type of delivery that requires the bag to maintain the temperature of the items inside for longer. The features of this bag are integrated to make up a unique solution which is foldable, lightweight, durable and economical. This bag is made for those who are tight on space and are looking for a cost-effective option for their delivery service operation.



Foldable Insulated Backpack PRD Swift LT Plus 353545

  • Swift folding system: This foldable insulated backpack has a quick folding design that becomes compact/flat when folded. The bag is designed with a combination of hard sides and soft sides. The left and right sides are flexible, while the front and back sides are hard. Hence, the bag can be stored away when not in use, saving up plenty of space.
  • Thick insulation: The bag is developed with 3 layers of insulation (5mm foam and corrugated plastic) for keeping the item fresh and safe inside until it reaches its destination.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric: The bag is designed with 600D fabric, which is 100% polyester. Besides being light and breathable, it’s tough nature makes the fabric resistant to scratches and handling.
  • Lightweight foldable backpack: Designed to be tough and lightweight at the back of the driver.
    Soft top cover leaves a room for adding load
  • Velcro closure secured with a buckle on the front side: The top opens easily and swiftly by moving the handles to opposite directions, unbuckling and detaching velcro straps in less than 4 seconds. Thus, making the bag very convenient to use for riders that are in a rush.
  • Reflective strip: On the front side of the bag for safety at night riding
  • Padded shoulder straps: For convenient walking and riding
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to fit snugly on the back of the driver
  • Bar-tacking reinforcements on critical points: Reinforced stitches on all sides of the backpack shoulder straps for ensuring durability.
  • Heavy-duty handles: Gives the driver an option of carrying the bag by hand, besides carrying over the shoulders.
  • Plastic foot stand: Rigid plastic foot stands to keep your bag from getting dirty and wet when placing on the ground.


What Makes This Foldable Insulated Backpack Different From The Competition:

The PRD Swift LT foldable insulated backpack makes up an ideal solution for everyday use. This bag is all you need to get your delivery business running smoothly. It is definitely a game changer that makes it the best solution compared to other products. The unique features make the bag a head turner that stands out from the competition in several ways, are as follows:

  • The 3 layers of insulation that consists of durable aluminum foil, 5mm PE foam and PP corrugated plastic board, make the bag heavily insulated to keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold for longer.
  • The swift and easy folding design helps the user to save and gain plenty of space by folding away easily and quickly once finished with the deliveries.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic back structure allows the user to carry the bag comfortably without feeling the weight on the back.
  • The super flexible and organized design allows the user to deliver multiple orders in more organized way separated by a shelf and this shelf can be removed for delivering big orders/objects.
  • The bag fabric is waterproof that prevents water to leak inside the bag. Great to use in harsh weather conditions (snow and sun). Moreover, the bag can be customized by having your logo printed on pvc/flex or directly on the fabric.

This backpack is functional, easy to roam around, and spacious. With its key features, this bag marks the best-ever performance on all levels.

You will never regret choosing Prodel Bags, your best solution for delivering your expectations in terms of quality, value and price.


Where Can PRD Swift LT Thermal Foldable Backpack Be Used?

PRD Swift LT is convenient for delivering food, and can make a perfect solution for delivering groceries, flowers/plants, electronic devices, beauty care products and parcels. The PRD Swift LT is a multi-functional thermal foldable delivery backpack.


PRD Swift LT Big Capacity Food Delivery Bag Specifications Summary

  • Size internal: 35x35x45 cm
  • Size external: 37x37x46 cm
  • Internal capacity : 55 Liters
  • Material: 600D polyester fabric

Foldable delivery bag swift lt pink specs

What Can We Fit Inside This Bag?

You can fit either of the following:

  • 9 pizza boxes
  • 44 lunch boxes
  • 6 pizza boxes, 12 lunch boxes, and 10 soft drink cans

foldable delivery bag swift lt pink capacity

Additional Technical Installation Information

How does the affordable food delivery bag set-up and used:

The bag can be easily setup or folded down by following the below sequence from the beginning or from the end:

foldable bag folding sequence

How to place the flex on the bag:

To place the printed PVC on the bag, simply attach it to the 4-sided velcro straps to secure the printed pvc/flex at its place.

What Are The Possible Customization Options:

  1. Flex digital printing
  2. Reflective digital printing
  3. Sublimation printing
  4. Silk screen printing
  5. Embroidery
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