Catering Delivery Bag Prodel Flexy 412633

Lightweight, functional, and economical handbag made to replace the normal soft food delivery bag. It has a semi-rigid structure that maintains the flexibility and protects the food inside. This bag is ideal for catering businesses and restaurants.



Catering Delivery Bag PRD Flexy 412633

  • Flexible catering delivery bag: A new concept of making the bag fully collapsible! This bag is designed with a combination of hard sides and soft sides. The left and right sides are hard, while the front and back sides are flexible. Hence, it saves up space when finishing with deliveries. Certainly, it’s the perfect solution for operations that are tight on space.
  • Portable, stackable, catering delivery bag with foam insulation: Features 4 layers of insulation on all sides of the bag to keep the food at the proper temperature during delivery.
  • Top-loading, Velcro closure: This bag is made with Velcro on 3 sides to open and close easily.
  • Waterproof & water-repellent fabric: This bag is made from 900D fabric which is lightweight, breathable, waterproof and water-repellent. On top of that, the seams of the fabric are treated with a special solution which prevents water leaking inside the bag. Making the bag fully functional for delivering food in the midst of heavy winter rains and storms.
  • The usage of antibacterial fabrics: The primary function of antimicrobial is to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from living and growing on the fabric.
  • Two Reinforced Heavy-duty handles for support and long-lasting durability
  • Rigid plastic foot stand: Keeps your bag from getting dirty and wet when placing it on the floor or on dirty surfaces.
  • Modular delivery bag system allows you to upgrade, adapt, or transform the bag to suit your operation:
    • Heating pad: Is an easy to use and maintain internal element that heats in 5 min and keeps the food hot for about 50 min.
    • Aluminum tray for cups
    • Foam cup holder

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