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Delivery Driver Accessories

PRODEL® Delivery Driver Accessories | Motorcycle Glove For Aprio

Elevate your food delivery services with our selection of carefully crafted accessories. Designed to improve efficiency and convenience, these accessories are essential for drivers on the go.

Drivers Gloves: Our practical and efficient gloves are fixed to the bike, ensuring a secure fit. With waterproof and dustproof properties, these gloves offer thermal insulation for extreme weather conditions. Choose from a variety of designs and colors that cater to different types of motorcycles.
Waist Bags: Constructed with durable material our waist bags are built to withstand daily wear and tear. These sturdy bags make a valuable addition to your everyday activities. Equipped with heavy-duty YKK zippers, they provide easy access and ensure longevity. The flexible strap features a strong plastic buckle that can be easily adjusted to your preferred length, offering a snug and secure fit on your hip. Use it to conveniently carry personal items, money, and a checkbook.
Credit Card Machine Covers: Our ergonomicly designed CCM holders are specifically crafted to securely hold your mobile credit card machine. Protect your valuable device while maintaining easy access during transactions.

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