Delivery Bag Addons

Delivery Bag Addons

We have a wide selection of delivery bag addons that can be added to help you organize products for better performance and to increase the functionality of the bag.

The below set of addons allow you to upgrade, adapt, or transform the bag to suit your operation:

Internal Separator Shelf:

Used to separate the orders inside the backpack series 21, 22, 52, and 62XP. The shelf is made from HACP plastic boards, it is lightweight and durable. The fabric is 100% polyester. Thus, the shelf will help insulate the orders, to prevent food squashing and packages ruining from over stacking.

The internal separator shelf is removable, which means that you can store the food packages whichever way you want. Also, you can replace it with another shelf if it’s lost or damaged. Hence, there will be no need to replace the entire bag.

Internal Heated Shelf:

Made of industrial grade components that is designed for heavy usage, internally regulated at an average of 60°c using a thermal regulation.

The heater element is easy to use and no setup is required. It is available in 220v, 120v and 12v system with car plug (size 33×33).

This heated shelf is suitable for the series 21, 22, 22HT, 22HF, 52, and 62XP.

Internal Heated Bag:

A separate electric heated bag that keeps food warm for more than an hour. It can be easily added and removed from the backpack. This add-on is ideal for restaurants that need a heated solution for part of their menu. In other words, carrying cold and hot foods in one solution is now possible.

The heated bag has three layers of insulation that keeps the delivery order at a proper temperature. Plus, it is very flexible — You can fold the bag when it is not used. You can even use it alone or add it to the backpack.

Internal Cold Compartment:

Used to increase the level on inter-bag insulation (between the different compartments inside the bag).

The compartment has an Auto-Lid, which closes intuitively without the need for extra instructions to the user. Hence, this solution helps to deliver cold items alongside the hot items. The solution will increase your ability to what you can offer on your delivery menu. It is suitable for backpack series 21, 22, 22HF, 52, 62XP and Miles.

Top Beverage Bag:

Used on the top of the delivery bags to deliver cold beverage cans or small bottles. The bag is attached using pre-installed webbing stitched under the bag handles. Hence, these webbing could be easily prepared to place the top beverage on top of the rucksack.

Cup Holder:

Used in the bag for holding cups. The cup holders are made of foam and they come in 4 sizes: 43, 48, 62xp and kab cup holder.