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Delivery Bag Addon

PRODEL® Delivery Bag Addons | Internal Bag Separator

Elevate your delivery game with our versatile addons, designed to boost your bags’ functionality. Transform your bags into mobile warmers with our heating shelves and pads, ensuring meals stay hot upon arrival. Our internal cold compartments maintain the perfect temperature for chilled items, preventing heat transfer from warmer dishes. Meanwhile, the addition of internal shelves increases storage space, allowing for more orders without the risk of squashing items below.
For beverage delivery professionals, our top beverage bag is indispensable. It’s engineered to securely transport cold beverage cans or small bottles, attaching seamlessly to your delivery bags for ultimate convenience.
These addons are more than accessories; they’re essential tools that enhance the delivery experience, ensuring every order, hot or cold, arrives in pristine condition. Upgrade your delivery setup with our specialized addons, and revolutionize your service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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