Delivery Backpacks

Food Delivery Backpacks

Prodel is a brand for food delivery backpacks designed and manufactured for restaurants, bakeries, catering businesses, and food delivery apps like Uber Eat, and Deliveroo. Our bags have been shipped around the world from Europe to the USA, to Malaysia, and to Australia.

Why? Not because we imitate, or we have a strong marketing; it is because we are able to continue to manufacture and sell quality bags in a very extreme competitive market.

The brand aims to produce the best quality delivery backpacks, developed with top quality raw materials:

YKK zippers from Japan, Gotek fabric from Taiwan and antibacterial fabrics from the USA for internal lining of the bags.

The brand offers an excellent ergonomic feeling that gives comfort and confidence when carrying the backpack on your back. Prodel’s delivery backpacks and rucksacks have lots of unique features that we know you’ll love– The triple layers of insulation maintains the temperature of the food during delivery. Plus, the waterproof tough fabric resists to abrasion more than the standard polyester fabric. YKK zippers protects the backpack from heavy rain. Moreover, the backpacks have padded straps for the drivers’ comfort, and feature compartments for separating cold foods from hot foods. Whereas, the separators help you organize the food orders effortlessly.

The Bags below are designed modular. You can customize the use of the bag as per your requirements and operational needs.