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Frequently Asked Questions about Delivery Bags

Some prices are below the market average, why? Is the quality low?

You must know we are a specialized manufacturing company in FOOD DELIVERY BAGS, we have big economies of scale, the quality guarantee is on any bag we manufacture and sell, that means ALL the bags are made from high-quality material, the price difference is how much time it takes us to manufacture a single bag and the amount of Raw Material we use, not the quality of Raw Materials.

Some prices are above the market average, why?

Same As above, some bags are very rich in detail, but the cost of ownership of any bag you will use, is definitely below market average.

We think of bags as an essential part of any delivery operation that is why we give extra thought and energy to find better ways to deliver food. Once you explore the new possibilities that our bags will offer you’ll find that the price is well deserved, all extra components in our bags are built to solve real problems.

On the other hand the price you pay for a Prodel Bag is definitely below market average, considering the durability and usage duration of the bag.
For example one of the more expensive bags we have in the lineup is the Dura Proof priced at 125USD, the useful lifetime of the bag is on average 2 years, the cost per day for this bag is 0.17USD (assumption based on daily use of an average of 30 orders per day over 720 days of average lifetime)

How can you prove that your bags are so good, that they will last for this long?

Order a sample, and test it under the worst conditions of operations, we have developed a product knowing that you will pay for it, but a third party(your delivery guys) will use it, and we know from our experience that the drivers will abuse the bag.

You can also order a sample and test it under the worst conditions, you will see and feel the quality standards applied to our products

What I want is not available on your website, can you still find me a solution?

No Problem, fill out the product request form or send us an e-mail describing the problem and your needs, be as specific as you can, and will contact you within 24 to 48 hours with a proposed solution.

Why should I buy a bag from Prodel Pizza Bags and not from any of the other competitors?

Quality, Value, Price, Solutions. there are many bags for pizza delivery, but we have the biggest and most elaborate set of solutions for your pizza delivery needs at very competitive prices depending on the sophistication of the solution required.

Does Prodel Pizza Bags have a warranty?

Yes and we have a warranty are sure that you will not use it, we triple inspect our products for any defects before shipping it, check the warranty page for more information.

If this FAQ page does not answer your question please use the product request form or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you with a solution.

Does Prodel Have a return Policy?

Yes, We have a return policy for uncustomized samples, we will refund the value of your sample excluding shipping and handling.

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