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7 Simple Steps To be A Great Restaurant Manager

Being a restaurant manager can be a tad difficult. It's hard to balance between keeping your employees happy and making sure your customers are happy as well.

The key is to have the right attitude and approach.

A restaurant manager has to be able to motivate and inspire the team, as well as be able to deal with customers and suppliers.

There are no specific qualifications needed for this job – just a passion for food and hospitality. However, some training courses can help you get started.

You're not just a manager — you're a leader.

Here’s what you need to know about being a restaurant manager:

1) Understand the basics of running a business.

A good restaurant manager knows how to run a business and understands basic accounting principles, such as cost accounting and revenue recognition. This can help you understand the financial side of running a restaurant, including how to make sure your business is profitable and making money.

2)Learn about food safety regulations.

Food safety regulations are important for every aspect of running a restaurant, from preparing food to serving it to customers. You need to understand these regulations before you start working in any type of food service industry position, especially if you want to become a restaurant manager or owner someday yourself.

3)You need great people skills.

A good restaurant manager needs to be able to communicate well with staff, customers, suppliers, and owners. You also need to be able to delegate tasks effectively so that everyone knows what they’re doing and how they fit into the bigger picture of running the business.

4)Learn how to manage people effectively

- Be clear about your expectations and goals. Be specific about what you want from your employees, and be sure that they understand what is expected of them in terms of work quality and customer service. This will help them feel more confident about their roles and more motivated to do their jobs well.

- Give feedback regularly. If an employee doesn't meet expectations, give them feedback on what went wrong and what they can do differently next time. This will help everyone improve their performance and make sure that everyone is meeting their goals!

- Set up a system for giving praise when it's due! You'll be amazed at how much more motivated your employees will be if they feel appreciated for their hard work! For example, if someone goes above and beyond on something, consider giving them a small reward like an extra day off or some free food at the end of their shift (or both!).

- Encourage team-building among your staff members by scheduling fun activities such as movie nights or game nights where everyone can get together outside of work hours and bond over common interests or hobbies. This will help foster good relationships between coworkers which will make them more likely to be committed to their jobs because they'll feel connected with each other rather than just being co-workers who happen to share space at the same time every day or week).

- Make sure everyone who works at the restaurant feels appreciated by giving them positive feedback on occasion (if possible) or making sure that management does this regularly so that everyone knows that you value each employee equally regardless of rank/title within the company hierarchy system

5)You need excellent time management skills.

With all the different things going on in a restaurant at any given time, it’s important that you can keep an eye on everything without getting distracted or letting things slip through the net. This means prioritizing your work so that nothing falls through the cracks, but also being flexible enough to change plans if necessary

6)Stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments in your field through professional organizations like the National Restaurant Association (NRA), which provides valuable information on subjects like labor shortages and technology innovations that can impact your business

7)Be attentive to detail

This is one of the most important ways to become a better manager. Make sure that you pay attention to every little detail that happens in your restaurant. Take notice of what your employees are doing and make sure they are doing their job properly. You should also take note of the customers who come into your restaurant, how they behave, and what they order.

You should know the menu inside and out, and be able to answer questions about it. You should also know what's going on in your restaurant at any given time, and be able to resolve any problems that arise quickly and smoothly.

You need to be able to multitask when necessary, but you also need to know when it's time for you to focus on just one thing—like taking orders or serving food.

Tips to help you be a better restaurant manager:

Ask questions and listen to the answers

Be flexible with employees and their schedules

Have a plan for everything and make sure everyone knows what it is

Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to make changes if necessary

Don't forget about cleanliness!

Be willing to work long hours

Be friendly but firm with everyone


The basic essentials of restaurant management are honesty, respect for each member of the team and manager, professionalism, and motivation with a positive attitude.

So if you want to become a good restaurant manager then you should be friendly, attentive, and hospitable to your customers. These are some of the basic qualities that are required for being a good restaurant manager. If you possess these qualities then you can easily manage any restaurant with full efficiency.

In the end, in any business, you are looking for longevity which means not only consistency of product and excellent service but also an ability to adapt to changes within the industry.


Top 5 Ways to Make Your Delivery Business Environmentally Friendly

It depends upon how they set up a sustainable practice that helps to enhance the profit and improve customer satisfaction ultimately. Delivery would help to make the business even more friendly with the proper steps given below. At the same time, the bamboo towel in the UK would always be a unique setup for the familiar environment. 

1. Using eco-friendly vehicles

Biodiesel is made from waste cooking oils or vegetable oil as well as from animal oils. It compared to refined crude oil, and biodiesel would be able to produce fewer air pollutants. Whereas making a switch to biodiesel helps to give additional financial incentives related to tax credits. 

Going for electric vehicles that last-mile deliveries would be another significant investment that is worth considering. It is Eco's friendly, easy to maintain, and cuts down on fuel consumption that helps to save money in the long term. Furthermore, local and federal government programs are looking forward to the investments into EVs.

2. Shipping from local stores

It would be relatively better to ship from the local stores centers rather than the regional warehouses. The fastest way to have goods to customers is to provide them delivered things from local stores or micro-fulfillment centers instead of centrally located warehouses. It is related to the strategy that is environment-friendly and last-mile delivery operations. Using the local fulfillment centers for the last-mile delivery chains would lower vehicle-related emissions between 17 percent and 26 percent. 

3. Plan out delivery routes

The best way to cut down the driver's travel times is to optimize the delivery routes. You need to implement the route optimization software that helps to find out the most cost-efficient ways that handle deliveries. 

You are cutting delivery times and optimizing drivers' routes that help reduce emission levels because the sequence of stops can schedule to boost. It would be best to reduce the time by ensuring the process and streamlining communication among the delivery drivers and recipients. 

4. Using justifiable packaging 

We know how home deliveries increases and the companies should begin sustainable packaging. It is because the organizations help to reduce the size of their boxes, bags, and envelopes. It would be able to reduce the plastic protective stuffing. 

To reduce the waste, you need to know that some companies would use packaging made from recycled materials and are entirely dig great for packaging items that already come in boxes. It would give an eco-friendlier packaging for its entire lineup by the recycled molded pulp in place of expanded polystyrene foam and plastic. 

5. Engage with the buyers

The buyers would have to think about how to bring sustainability into the business. They would have programs initiatives underway. You need to invite the conversation about sustainability and listen to the challenges that face modifying the delivery habits procedures. Hence with due time, the partnership would help support the business and earn the trust with practical solutions. It was taking out the initiatives to explore the creative ways that make deliveries eco-friendly. It would help to notice the improvements in cost and time. Contributing to greener earth is essential for sustainable practices that make logistical sense. It would help to save money and give an eco-concerned customer base advantage. 


Hopefully, the details related to the article Top 5 Ways to Make Your Delivery Business Environmentally Friendly would help understand the topic carefully. Nowadays, deliveries are so standard, and you see people are having delivery from certain areas and getting this with effortless meaning. But to improvise the behavior, the time and effort of delivery need to be eco-friendly environment and helps to give you all the right reasons to step forward to maintain a business environmentally friendly. 

custom-made delivery bags for DeinDeal

Custom-Made Delivery Bags for DeinDeal

DeinDeal offers smart overwhelming deals on big branded products and services. DeinDeal gives a chance to discover new activities, new passions, and new products by taking advantage of their deals.  Aiming to become the largest e-commerce company among Swiss online shopping platforms, DeinDeal works on having a strong distribution hub or network for delivering goods directly to the address indicated at the time of order in a well-organized way.

While giving you access to exclusive products and services, DeinDeal also provides food delivery service. This will not only give you complete access to everything that crosses your mind, but will also work on making your life much easier.

We at Prodel Bags, were thrilled when we received a request from DeinDeal in Switzerland about making many different models of delivery bags that suit their food delivery operations.

We have designed different kinds of food delivery bags tailored specifically to their needs. And they were very pleased with the results!

custom-made delivery bags for deindeal


Launching of the New Ice Cream Delivery Bag

Prodel Bags announces the release of its new advanced ice cream transport bags. The lightweight, super insulated Deep Freeze ice cream bags are now available in different sizes suitable for many cold transport needs.

To know more about the product, kindly scroll down to read the full article.

The Story Behind Deep Freeze Ice Cream Transport Bag

Our product design and development team received many challenging requests regarding environmental conditions that can significantly affect the quality of food in food delivery service industry and especially the delivery of cold foods and products, like Ice Cream, Raw meat, fish, and sushi.

When the challenge of delivering frozen food or ice cream in desert conditions was proposed to our team, the idea of making an ice cream delivery bag was already present in the mind but wasn’t applied in real life. In order to gather the pieces of the puzzle together to get the final piece or product, we had to gather the materials and make the design of the bag. Hence, we searched for the best insulation Material that is suitable for Prodel’s Deep Freeze ice cream bag to ensure the durability and quality of the bag.

Producing a solution that meets all the conditions, needs dedication and precision besides having skills and expertise. Thus, our team has deployed high coefficient of insulation with a thickness of 22 mm and a layer of special material; these 2 layers are combined together from 2 sides to give the bag a 4-sided/square shape. 

Combining the 2 layers together gave the bag a good solid structure, and gave us the capability to construct a better-insulated bag for delivering cold food.

The insulated ice cream bag uses YKK zippers size 8. The external fabric is either 900D or 600D polyester, depending on the size of the bag. The inside of the bag is antibacterial, to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from growing on the fabric. Moreover, this bag is not only heavily insulated but it is also designed to be waterproof and lightweight.

Goodbye to Rigid Plastic Ice Boxes, Hello to Advanced, Lightweight, Highly Insulated Ice Cream Transport Bags!

We believe that Deep Freeze delivery bag is the best solution for your ice cream delivery business because we did our research and testing before we launched the new bag in the market.

Based on our research, we have conceived a study comparing the effectiveness of using plastic ice boxes and Deep Freeze in food delivery.

The following 2 main results were determined from this study:

First, plastic ice boxes are heavy and tough to be carried, whereas Deep Freeze is easy to carry, lightweight, good-looking ice cream bag. 

Second, the plastic ice boxes are not antibacterial. It is not food safe, and it may endanger the health and safety of the consumer. On the other hand, Deep Freeze is made of antibacterial fabric, so it can prohibit the growth of bacteria inside the bag that causes contamination.

Why Purchase Deep Freeze for Your Ice Cream Delivery Operation?

Now, you might be questioning if this new product is the right solution for the problems you face in your food delivery operations.

Here are 5 different solutions that will help your delivery business run effectively and smoothly!

Deep Insulation

By insulating the bag, you are saving energy which is good for the environment, since the cost of making ice requires a lot of energy. Hence, we developed a material with a high coefficient of insulation for the Deep Freeze to keep the ice cream, sushi or frozen food cold for up to 4 hours! However, let’s not forget the factors that can impact on the insulation: the design of the bag, the temperature and the volume of the content, the environment.

For example, let us suppose that you want to deliver ice cream in 2 hours and the insulation wasn’t enough to keep the ice cream cold because the bag was kept in a very hot environment. Nevertheless, if 3-4 liquid gels were placed inside the bag and the bag was left in a cool place, then the ice cream inside could have stayed cold for more than 4 hours. Therefore, it depends on the factors mentioned above -- On how well the bag is insulated and supported to keep the content or the product inside cold for a long time.

Liquid Gel

Liquid gel is added to the bag to give additional coolness to the product inside. You only need to put the liquid gels in the freezer to freeze before using it. Usually, it takes around 1-2 hours to freeze completely to turn it effective.

Antibacterial Fabric

The antibacterial fabric plays an important role in preventing any sort of bacteria to live and grow inside the bag while protecting the food from contamination. For that reason, we used antibacterial fabrics into Deep Freeze insulated ice cream bags.

Waterproof Fabric

Deep Freeze ice cream delivery bag is waterproof. This helps the bag to stay dry even in critical weather conditions. In addition, food can be delivered at the highest quality without getting wet.

Lightweight Bag

This bag is very lightweight although it has thick insulation with a liquid gel to give additional coolness.

Case Study: Dubai Fishermen Cooperative Association 

DFCA is a fish market established in 1988 in Dubai under the license by the Ministry of Social Affairs. It aims to serve the fishermen and to improve their economic, and social life. 

Long before DFCA started to deliver fresh fish products on motorbikes to the doorsteps of customers, they used to take orders and deliver them the next day on vans to customers. However, with our Deep Freeze delivery bags, DFCA is able to deliver fish products real time to their customers on motorcycles. Thus, giving them the advantage to have better service and lower cost. 

“Dubai fishermen co-op association are very pleased and would like to thank the company for the Deep Freeze bags, we have a home delivery service for fresh fish by using the motorbikes, however we searched a lot for a bag that keeps the fish fresh and cold until it reaches the customer but we didn’t find it until we contact the CREATIVE TECH company (Subsidiary of Pro plus Creative and distributor of Prodel Bags in UAE) that created the Deep Freeze bags which helped us a lot with our service by keeping the fish well frizzed for a long time.” Muna Ali Ahmed, 

Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Section

Another testimony from The Lebanese Meat House Butcher shop owner Mr. Elias Fares: 

“We are so happy that we are using right now as a bag and all our delivery are safe from the heat and we are happy with the result” Elias Fares, The owner

prodel bag by foodora on bicycle

Securing The Right Fit: 10 Crucial Details To Know For Choosing The Proper Food Delivery Bag

One of the biggest risks associated with food delivery is food safety.

How long has that burrito bowl been sitting out? How warm is the car that the food is being delivered in?

Guaranteeing the quality, safety, and purity of your food when using a delivery service is a priority as a restaurant owner. You want to make sure your customers are not just satisfied, but impressed -- and that they keep coming back for more.

The key to preserving the quality of your customer's order is choosing the right food delivery bag.

The best food delivery bag will help you preserve the temperature, prevent contamination, and guarantee the quality of your food. It's worth the investment!

But, where do you start?

We've compiled the ten crucial details you need to know for choosing the proper food delivery bag.

The Best Food Delivery Bag: Crucial Details to Keep In Mind

There are vital details that can make or break the quality of the best food delivery bag. By keeping these in mind, you can guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.


Insulation is important for maintaining the temperature of delivery foods. By using a food delivery bag that ensures food is delivered at the right temperature, you ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Closed cell foam is one of the most effective insulation materials. When looking for the right delivery bag, you can keep this material in mind!

Waterproof and Water Repellant

Protecting the quality of the food and the packaging it comes in is of the utmost importance when delivering food. Choose a food delivery bag that is made with waterproof fabric and treated with a hydrophobic material that repels water and protects food from the elements. This guarantees food shows up like it's supposed to.

Anti-Bacterial Material

Food spills, dirt accumulation, and germs can reproduce in food delivery bags.

Investing in a food delivery bag that is made with antibacterial fabric saves time, is cost-effective, and prevents odor and food contamination.

Temperature Friendly

Whether you deliver cold foods, hot foods, or both, you want separate bags that cater to the temperature of the food being delivered.

Delivery bags made for hot foods should have an aluminum foil lining to prevent heat from radiating out and away from the food. A bag with a heating component is also a huge plus.

Cold foods should be transported in bags with heavy insulation. A good cold food delivery bag will also have internal pockets to place ice packs if needed. 

If you want to opt for one bag instead of purchasing two bags for separate temperatures, you should choose a delivery bag designed for this purpose. Otherwise, cold food will get warm and the hot food, cold. yes


A sturdy, stable bag protects the contents being transported. However, you want a bag that is still lightweight and ergonomic.

Outer padding and an internal stability system made of lightweight corrugated plastic are optimal.

Additionally, a hardboard bottom guarantees stability when loading, unloading, and transporting your deliveries.

A Bag Tailored to Your Food

Different foods require different shaped bags. Pizza boxes require very different bags to a standard food delivery bag.

So, it's important to find a food delivery bag company committed to quality but also offers a diverse range of bags tailored to different foods. This ensures that the challenges that are unique to transporting certain foods are accounted for.

Zipper Closure System

A zipper closure system, as opposed to a clip or velcro system, is much more reliable and secure. It's also much more effective in allowing moisture to escape from the bag, which is the cause of soggy crusts or fries.

Clip and velcro systems simply don't guarantee full closure and protection from the elements. In contrast, zipper closure systems are quick, easy, and foolproof.

Safety Light Reflectors

Food deliveries are made at all times of the day. To ensure the safety of food delivery workers, safety light reflectors are needed at nighttime.

By equipping food delivery workers with food delivery bags that have safety light reflectors built into them, it ensures the safety of both the worker and the food.

Racks or Shelves

Racks and shelves help to keep cold and hot food away from each other in the same bag. This ensures and maintains the temperature of food within the same bag,

It can also provide a way for food delivery workers to organize multiple orders. This means fewer mistakes, more accuracy, and optimal customer satisfaction.

Tailored to Your Transportation Method

Whether for environmental or cost reasons, there are multiple transportation methods for food delivery in modern times. Whichever method you employ, finding a delivery bag that is the right fit for your transportation is key.

This means better ergonomics and less chance of a bag being dropped and deliveries being ruined.

When searching for a food delivery bag, look for a company that offers bags for multiple transportation methods.

A Delivery Bag That Caters to Your Customers

For high customer satisfaction, you want the best delivery bag that caters to your customer. This means opting for a bag that maintains the quality, integrity, and purity of your deliveries. Knowing the crucial details that impact the functionality of your food delivery bag is critical.

By using a food delivery bag with racks or shelves, insulation, and temperature-maintaining technologies, you can ensure hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold.

A zipper closure system, sturdy yet lightweight manufacturing, antibacterial materials, and water-repellant exteriors protect your deliveries from damage.

Lightweight materials, safety lights, and a bag tailored to your preferred transport method promote safety and ergonomics.

Prodel Bags offers delivery bags that encompass all these characteristics. We take quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction seriously. That's why we continually offer our customers high-quality, flexible, and custom solutions for their delivery business.

Ready to work with the company used by UberEats, Deliveroo, Foodora, and more? Take a look at our business solutions or request a quote today!

foodora food delivery drivers back view

Securing The Bag: The Best Practices In Food Delivery

Food delivery services are reshaping the way the world does restaurants. With 76% of customers more likely to dine-in after having a good delivery experience, it's essential to invest in your delivery quality.

Delivery is an opportunity you don't want to miss in the restaurant business.

Starting the process of offering a delivery option can be overwhelming. But, the first step is knowing the basics of a good food delivery service. By understanding what it means to provide a quality delivery experience, you can introduce a new avenue of profits for your restaurant.

So, what are the best practices in food delivery?

Be Prompt and Communicate

According to GrubHub, 87% of orders are delivered in over sixty minutes. This is a contrasting statistic in comparison to the 97% of consumers that want their food between fifteen and thirty minutes.

This offers a unique opportunity for businesses to gain an advantage. By being aware of factors that impact delivery times and planning accordingly, you can wow customers with prompt delivery times.

Additionally, make sure you are able to communicate with your customer. If you aren't able to deliver within your estimated arrival time, communicate. Let them know your new arrival time! 

Promo, Promo, Promo

Customers are much more likely to try a restaurant for the first time through delivery than dine-in. This gives you the chance to truly impress and secure a new customer for life.

Coupons and Promotions

By offering coupons and promo codes in your orders, you can almost guarantee a second purchase from a delivery customer. Prioritize quality visuals and clear communication on your tangible promotional coupons.


Make an impression on your new customer by using eye-catching branding. As visual creatures, humans are drawn in by pretty logos, graphics, and other visuals. It gives a well-rounded, high-end experience while showing you really care about your branding.

Provide the Essentials

Don't assume a customer has everything they need. Go over and above when it comes to providing the basics for your customer.

Always include napkins, plastic utensils, condiments, and a receipt. As a bonus, you can add in a paper menu. This will give your customers an idea of what else you offer and potentially influence a second order from your restaurant.

Food Packaging to Maintain the Integrity of the Food

There's nothing worse than food being delivered in a soggy packaging.

As a delivery provider, you'll want to have many different packaging options available to prevent this. This will give you the opportunity to maintain the integrity of your delivery food, no matter the texture.

Bonus points for sustainable, recycled packaging that benefits the planet.

A High-Quality Bag: One of the Best Practices in Food Delivery

One of the hardest parts about food delivery is making sure it arrives in the highest quality possible. By using the right bag, you can ensure that food gets delivered in the best shape possible.

Insulation: Separate Hot and Cold

The temperature of food is an indicator of quality and freshness.

By using an insulated bag, you can guarantee that hot delivery items stay hot and cold delivery items stay cold. You'll want to look for an aluminum foil interior and a closed cell foam insulation, the gold standard for food delivery insulation.

It's also important that you have two insulated bags, one for hot and another for cold. This will prevent cold food from cooling down hot food and vice versa.

Waterproof Bag

By utilizing correct packaging, you can make sure you don't run into soggy packaging.

However, of equal importance is making sure you protect food from water externally. By using a waterproof bag, food can be delivered at the highest quality in all weather situations.

Hydrophobic treatments on waterproof fabric bags provide the ultimate protection against the elements.


Food spills, dirt, and grime can all impact the quality and longevity of a bag. This is on top of the fact that no customer wants to see their food in a smelly, dirty delivery bag.

Delivery bags specifically designed to be anti-bacterial can prevent a bag from becoming dirty while simultaneously protecting food from contamination.

Buying a bag with anti-bacterial fabric is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and provides the best experience for delivery customers.

Securing the Bag: Commit to Quality

The growing food delivery industry provides a unique opportunity for restaurant owners. Taking advantage of this new prospect can provide a new way to increase overall sales and harness a new customer market.

By offering impeccable delivery service, you can impress customers and secure them as lifetime customers. This means employing the best practices in food delivery.

By using the correct packaging, providing essentials, utilizing promotional opportunities with coupons and branding, and delivering food promptly you can ensure the best experience for your customer.

It's important to make sure you're using the right food delivery bag. This is key in preserving food's temperature, preventing damage and contamination, and ensuring the overall quality of the food.

Choose Prodel Bags: Quality, Experience, and Innovation

No matter what your delivery product is, we have the right delivery bag for all your food delivery service needs. Our bags are designed with the gold-standard in mind. We utilize technologies to provide the highest quality delivery to your customers.

With over 2.4 billion orders fulfilled and over eighteen years of experience, we are well-versed the best practices in food delivery. Interested in trying out some of our world-class delivery bags or learning more? Request a quote here today.


Prodel Bags New Products at Horeca Exhibition 2019

Prodel Bags exhibited their takeaway delivery bags at Horeca Lebanon 2019 Trade Show for the hospitality and food services industries. This event serves as a regional business meeting place for hospitality and food service industries in Lebanon and the Middle East.

This four-day program gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest products like, BYK JET 33 and BYK JET 383555 takeaway delivery bags, and Deep Freeze ice cream transport bags. BYK JET series are designed to be fashionable, smart food delivery backpacks with an ergonomic design and modern functionality. These stylish insulated food delivery backpacks come in different sizes and colors (red, orange, green, blue, yellow, black, and violet) and have light reflectors from all sides - front, side top and back. As for the Deep Freeze ice cream transport bags, they are designed to keep frozen foods cold for up to 4 hours! The thick layers of insulation and a blue ice helps in keeping the ice cream transport bags cold for a very long time!

We also took advantage of this exhibition to introduce for the first time, a delivery bag with Led screen. This easy to use led screen needs nothing but a lightweight power source to operate independently. Then, you download the app on your mobile device so you can instantly upload images and add personalized texts to serve as a brandable, interactive digital display. You’d definitely want to have one for your business; it will give your clients a reminder of your offerings in a visually appealing way.

The Horeca Trade Exhibition that took place at Sea Side Arena, Lebanon from April 2 to April 5 of 2019, was indeed one of the most successful exhibitions of all time, and the proof is the large number of visitors and exhibitors from Lebanon and overseas have participated in this annual show. We were excited to have welcomed our clients and other clients from Lebanon and overseas to our stand (Hall B, C10). We met and assisted them in finding new solutions for their delivery operations. New requests from our visitors we are working on are: big wedding cake delivery bag, insulated Messenger 82-1 delivery backpack, and integrating Deep Freeze into hot and cold delivery bag. For any new idea, please add your comments at the bottom.

If you have visited us, we hope you enjoyed your visit this year and we look forward to seeing you next year. If you did not get the chance to visit us this year, we ask you to fill out the following registration form so that we send you the invitations before next year’s exhibition that will take place in SeaSide Arena, Lebanon from 24 to 27 March, 2020. See you all there!


7 Factors to Evaluate Before Buying a Food Delivery Bag

Food delivery services for restaurants and catering businesses are growing fast due to the high demand of ordering food online using smartphones and other means. It is becoming more and more common among people to easily order online from any restaurant with a single click without bothering to travel a hundred miles to get their ordered food.

With the advancement in digital technology and the rise of online food delivery platforms, the challenge in delivering food in perfect condition is becoming vital these days. For this reason, food delivery bags ought to be a top priority for any food delivery business. So,

  • Are you an owner of a restaurant or pizzeria?
  • Are you a delivery solution supplier?
  • Are you an owner of a grocery shop?
  • Are you an owner of a catering business?

We are here to assist you in choosing the right food delivery bag for your operational needs.

Since there are a lot of products that have been advertised on the web, we have decided to make a study about important factors that any food delivery bag must possess in order to to be suitable as a food delivery bag.

The below are the 7 key factors you need to consider before buying a food delivery bag:

Bag Insulation

Delivering food hot and fresh has been one of the most important factors for restaurants and catering businesses. Therefore, bags need to be insulated properly in order to keep the food hot and fresh for an extended delivery period so that your customers will be absolutely satisfied!

The below is an example of how the bag is insulated with 4 layers that consist of:

Aluminum foil: helps insulate against thermal radiation by reflecting these radiations back into the bag.

Closed cell foam: affects the two forms of heat transfer Conduction and Convection. The closed cell foam forms very small separate pockets of air so that it inhibits the flow of air from one area to the other thus insulating from thermal convection.

Corrugated plastic: used for the strength of its structure, lightweight and it’s insulating property. Like closed cell foam, the corrugated plastic affects the two heat transfer methods conduction and convection, it works on the principle that air is a low conductor of heat and as such form an insulation layer between the inside and the outside of the bag. It also separates the body of air into small partitions so that convection cannot effectively occur.

Expanded Foam: an additional layer of regular foam that helps protect the fabric of the bags and as an aesthetic look and feel for the bag.

Bag Hygiene

An important factor often not evident is how much the bag is ready to be a food delivery bag. Making the bag suitable for food delivery, requires a set of requirements which the internal fabric is a big part. The internal fabric need to be food grade and better if it is antibacterial so that it prohibits the formation of  bacteria, fungus or any other microorganism from living and growing inside the bag . The reduction of fungus and bacteria also reduces odor resulting from fermentation and dirt. Additionally AB fabrics protects the food from contamination caused by food spilling, contaminated hands and utensils, or contaminated packaging.

Prodel bags defeat all these 3 aspects that might occur during food delivery operation. Since our mission is to deliver foods in good quality and condition, we have been motivated to offer a solution for food delivery bags, and since none at that time existed, we joined forces with two big suppliers in order to develop, test and manufacture these custom built fabrics that are unique in their function and durability. It is a small push in the direction of a safer environment and an enhanced food delivery operation.

External Fabrics

Bags need a protective shield against harsh weather conditions, whether it is rain or snow, sun or wind. The external fabric plays a great role in this respect. Therefore, the bag’s fabric need to be not only waterproof but also water-repellant so the bag won’t get heavy. hydrophobic treatment of the fabric is essential to keep the fabric from getting moist and eventually leaking to the inside of the bag. All the seams, zippers, stitches and fabric joints should be treated to prevent the water to get inside the bag.


A quality bag is the sum of all the quality parts that it consists of. Any weak link in this quality chain will break and lower the value of the bag; thus, lowering the quality of the delivery operation. Accessories, zippers and the webbing used on the bags constitutes 90% of the parts. However, the zippers are considered to be the weakest link in this chain since most of the action happens in opening and closing the bag. The usage of high quality premium accessories is essential to keep the bag functioning for the whole length of its use in the operation.

Bag Structure

One of the challenges of designing a great delivery bag is giving the bag a good sturdy form without adding too much weight to the bag. Therefore, it is necessary for the bag to have sturdy structure to prevent the bag from deforming, which results in deforming of the packaging inside. Also The structure of the bag reflects your brand image to customers because your delivery bag represents your business. Hence, a poor structured bag may give a poor brand image to your customers that might be  turned off and choose to be served elsewhere. to keep a bag rigid, a combination of materials should be used like aluminum profiles and corrugated plastic.  

Ergonomic Features and Driver Experience

The bags should be ergonomically designed in order to minimize the physical effort and discomfort of the driver. The 1st reason why the bag should be ergonomic is that it remains firmly on the shoulders of the driver as he moves freely from place to place without the risk of slipping of. It can also minimize the strains on muscles, bones and joints especially when he carries multiple orders. The Ergonomic design of the bag helps to make the driver more satisfied about his working conditions. The backpack should be designed with the anatomy of a person’s back in order to keep the driver comfortable during the delivery. Furthermore, the shoulder straps are padded with 10mm of the special foam called neoprene. This foam is high density, soft and is highly durable against stress that sustains heavy use without losing its form.

Modularity and Adaptability

Delivering multiple orders instead of a single order helps the business to deliver more and to increase the return for the outlet. For this reason, the bags should be able to accommodate separators/shelves and to better organize the food inside the bag. This will help your delivery team to finish delivering more orders faster. On the other hand, delivering a single order will not only exhaust your driver, but will also slower your delivery service.

Besides the internal shelf, the bag can have an internal heated shelf which is designed to increase the temperature of the bag. It is easy to setup and easy to use. This add-on is highly demanded by the restaurants who have his clients receiving the orders at suboptimal temperatures.

Internal heated bag on the other hand, is an insulated bag that keeps food hot for a long period of time. This add-on is ideal for restaurants that need a heated solution for part of their menu. Thus, the bag can carry cold and hot foods in the same delivery, making it modular.

The internal cold compartment has the same functions as the internal heated bag except it keeps cold items cold alongside the hot items during delivery.

Finally, the cold beverage is used for carrying beverages. It is usually placed on the top of the backpack using pre-installed webbing stitched under the bag handles.