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Prodel Bags announces the release of its new advanced ice cream transport bags. The lightweight, super insulated Deep Freeze ice cream bags are now available in different sizes suitable for many cold transport needs.

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The Story Behind Deep Freeze Ice Cream Transport Bag

Our product design and development team received many challenging requests regarding environmental conditions that can significantly affect the quality of food in food delivery service industry and especially the delivery of cold foods and products, like Ice Cream, Raw meat, fish, and sushi.

When the challenge of delivering frozen food or ice cream in desert conditions was proposed to our team, the idea of making an ice cream delivery bag was already present in the mind but wasn’t applied in real life. In order to gather the pieces of the puzzle together to get the final piece or product, we had to gather the materials and make the design of the bag. Hence, we searched for the best insulation Material that is suitable for Prodel’s Deep Freeze ice cream bag to ensure the durability and quality of the bag.

Producing a solution that meets all the conditions, needs dedication and precision besides having skills and expertise. Thus, our team has deployed high coefficient of insulation with a thickness of 22 mm and a layer of special material; these 2 layers are combined together from 2 sides to give the bag a 4-sided/square shape. 

Combining the 2 layers together gave the bag a good solid structure, and gave us the capability to construct a better-insulated bag for delivering cold food.

The insulated ice cream bag uses YKK zippers size 8. The external fabric is either 900D or 600D polyester, depending on the size of the bag. The inside of the bag is antibacterial, to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from growing on the fabric. Moreover, this bag is not only heavily insulated but it is also designed to be waterproof and lightweight.

Goodbye to Rigid Plastic Ice Boxes, Hello to Advanced, Lightweight, Highly Insulated Ice Cream Transport Bags!

We believe that Deep Freeze delivery bag is the best solution for your ice cream delivery business because we did our research and testing before we launched the new bag in the market.

Based on our research, we have conceived a study comparing the effectiveness of using plastic ice boxes and Deep Freeze in food delivery.

The following 2 main results were determined from this study:

First, plastic ice boxes are heavy and tough to be carried, whereas Deep Freeze is easy to carry, lightweight, good-looking ice cream bag. 

Second, the plastic ice boxes are not antibacterial. It is not food safe, and it may endanger the health and safety of the consumer. On the other hand, Deep Freeze is made of antibacterial fabric, so it can prohibit the growth of bacteria inside the bag that causes contamination.

Why Purchase Deep Freeze for Your Ice Cream Delivery Operation?

Now, you might be questioning if this new product is the right solution for the problems you face in your food delivery operations.

Here are 5 different solutions that will help your delivery business run effectively and smoothly!

Deep Insulation

By insulating the bag, you are saving energy which is good for the environment, since the cost of making ice requires a lot of energy. Hence, we developed a material with a high coefficient of insulation for the Deep Freeze to keep the ice cream, sushi or frozen food cold for up to 4 hours! However, let’s not forget the factors that can impact on the insulation: the design of the bag, the temperature and the volume of the content, the environment.

For example, let us suppose that you want to deliver ice cream in 2 hours and the insulation wasn’t enough to keep the ice cream cold because the bag was kept in a very hot environment. Nevertheless, if 3-4 liquid gels were placed inside the bag and the bag was left in a cool place, then the ice cream inside could have stayed cold for more than 4 hours. Therefore, it depends on the factors mentioned above — On how well the bag is insulated and supported to keep the content or the product inside cold for a long time.

Liquid Gel

Liquid gel is added to the bag to give additional coolness to the product inside. You only need to put the liquid gels in the freezer to freeze before using it. Usually, it takes around 1-2 hours to freeze completely to turn it effective.

Antibacterial Fabric

The antibacterial fabric plays an important role in preventing any sort of bacteria to live and grow inside the bag while protecting the food from contamination. For that reason, we used antibacterial fabrics into Deep Freeze insulated ice cream bags.

Waterproof Fabric

Deep Freeze ice cream delivery bag is waterproof. This helps the bag to stay dry even in critical weather conditions. In addition, food can be delivered at the highest quality without getting wet.

Lightweight Bag

This bag is very lightweight although it has thick insulation with a liquid gel to give additional coolness.

Case Study: Dubai Fishermen Cooperative Association 

DFCA is a fish market established in 1988 in Dubai under the license by the Ministry of Social Affairs. It aims to serve the fishermen and to improve their economic, and social life. 

Long before DFCA started to deliver fresh fish products on motorbikes to the doorsteps of customers, they used to take orders and deliver them the next day on vans to customers. However, with our Deep Freeze delivery bags, DFCA is able to deliver fish products real time to their customers on motorcycles. Thus, giving them the advantage to have better service and lower cost. 

“Dubai fishermen co-op association are very pleased and would like to thank the company for the Deep Freeze bags, we have a home delivery service for fresh fish by using the motorbikes, however we searched a lot for a bag that keeps the fish fresh and cold until it reaches the customer but we didn’t find it until we contact the CREATIVE TECH company (Subsidiary of Pro plus Creative and distributor of Prodel Bags in UAE) that created the Deep Freeze bags which helped us a lot with our service by keeping the fish well frizzed for a long time.” Muna Ali Ahmed, 

Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Section

Another testimony from The Lebanese Meat House Butcher shop owner Mr. Elias Fares: 

“We are so happy that we are using right now as a bag and all our delivery are safe from the heat and we are happy with the result” Elias Fares, The owner

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