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One of the biggest risks associated with food delivery is food safety.

How long has that burrito bowl been sitting out? How warm is the car that the food is being delivered in?

Guaranteeing the quality, safety, and purity of your food when using a delivery service is a priority as a restaurant owner. You want to make sure your customers are not just satisfied, but impressed — and that they keep coming back for more.

The key to preserving the quality of your customer’s order is choosing the right food delivery bag.

The best food delivery bag will help you preserve the temperature, prevent contamination, and guarantee the quality of your food. It’s worth the investment!

But, where do you start?

We’ve compiled the ten crucial details you need to know for choosing the proper food delivery bag.

The Best Food Delivery Bag: Crucial Details to Keep In Mind

There are vital details that can make or break the quality of the best food delivery bag. By keeping these in mind, you can guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.


Insulation is important for maintaining the temperature of delivery foods. By using a food delivery bag that ensures food is delivered at the right temperature, you ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Closed cell foam is one of the most effective insulation materials. When looking for the right delivery bag, you can keep this material in mind!

Waterproof and Water Repellant

Protecting the quality of the food and the packaging it comes in is of the utmost importance when delivering food. Choose a food delivery bag that is made with waterproof fabric and treated with a hydrophobic material that repels water and protects food from the elements. This guarantees food shows up like it’s supposed to.

Anti-Bacterial Material

Food spills, dirt accumulation, and germs can reproduce in food delivery bags.

Investing in a food delivery bag that is made with antibacterial fabric saves time, is cost-effective, and prevents odor and food contamination.

Temperature Friendly

Whether you deliver cold foods, hot foods, or both, you want separate bags that cater to the temperature of the food being delivered.

Delivery bags made for hot foods should have an aluminum foil lining to prevent heat from radiating out and away from the food. A bag with a heating component is also a huge plus.

Cold foods should be transported in bags with heavy insulation. A good cold food delivery bag will also have internal pockets to place ice packs if needed. 

If you want to opt for one bag instead of purchasing two bags for separate temperatures, you should choose a delivery bag designed for this purpose. Otherwise, cold food will get warm and the hot food, cold. yes


A sturdy, stable bag protects the contents being transported. However, you want a bag that is still lightweight and ergonomic.

Outer padding and an internal stability system made of lightweight corrugated plastic are optimal.

Additionally, a hardboard bottom guarantees stability when loading, unloading, and transporting your deliveries.

A Bag Tailored to Your Food

Different foods require different shaped bags. Pizza boxes require very different bags to a standard food delivery bag.

So, it’s important to find a food delivery bag company committed to quality but also offers a diverse range of bags tailored to different foods. This ensures that the challenges that are unique to transporting certain foods are accounted for.

Zipper Closure System

A zipper closure system, as opposed to a clip or velcro system, is much more reliable and secure. It’s also much more effective in allowing moisture to escape from the bag, which is the cause of soggy crusts or fries.

Clip and velcro systems simply don’t guarantee full closure and protection from the elements. In contrast, zipper closure systems are quick, easy, and foolproof.

Safety Light Reflectors

Food deliveries are made at all times of the day. To ensure the safety of food delivery workers, safety light reflectors are needed at nighttime.

By equipping food delivery workers with food delivery bags that have safety light reflectors built into them, it ensures the safety of both the worker and the food.

Racks or Shelves

Racks and shelves help to keep cold and hot food away from each other in the same bag. This ensures and maintains the temperature of food within the same bag,

It can also provide a way for food delivery workers to organize multiple orders. This means fewer mistakes, more accuracy, and optimal customer satisfaction.

Tailored to Your Transportation Method

Whether for environmental or cost reasons, there are multiple transportation methods for food delivery in modern times. Whichever method you employ, finding a delivery bag that is the right fit for your transportation is key.

This means better ergonomics and less chance of a bag being dropped and deliveries being ruined.

When searching for a food delivery bag, look for a company that offers bags for multiple transportation methods.

A Delivery Bag That Caters to Your Customers

For high customer satisfaction, you want the best delivery bag that caters to your customer. This means opting for a bag that maintains the quality, integrity, and purity of your deliveries. Knowing the crucial details that impact the functionality of your food delivery bag is critical.

By using a food delivery bag with racks or shelves, insulation, and temperature-maintaining technologies, you can ensure hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold.

A zipper closure system, sturdy yet lightweight manufacturing, antibacterial materials, and water-repellant exteriors protect your deliveries from damage.

Lightweight materials, safety lights, and a bag tailored to your preferred transport method promote safety and ergonomics.

Prodel Bags offers delivery bags that encompass all these characteristics. We take quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction seriously. That’s why we continually offer our customers high-quality, flexible, and custom solutions for their delivery business.

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