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Food delivery services are reshaping the way the world does restaurants. With 76% of customers more likely to dine-in after having a good delivery experience, it’s essential to invest in your delivery quality.

Delivery is an opportunity you don’t want to miss in the restaurant business.

Starting the process of offering a delivery option can be overwhelming. But, the first step is knowing the basics of a good food delivery service. By understanding what it means to provide a quality delivery experience, you can introduce a new avenue of profits for your restaurant.

So, what are the best practices in food delivery?

Be Prompt and Communicate

According to GrubHub, 87% of orders are delivered in over sixty minutes. This is a contrasting statistic in comparison to the 97% of consumers that want their food between fifteen and thirty minutes.

This offers a unique opportunity for businesses to gain an advantage. By being aware of factors that impact delivery times and planning accordingly, you can wow customers with prompt delivery times.

Additionally, make sure you are able to communicate with your customer. If you aren’t able to deliver within your estimated arrival time, communicate. Let them know your new arrival time! 

Promo, Promo, Promo

Customers are much more likely to try a restaurant for the first time through delivery than dine-in. This gives you the chance to truly impress and secure a new customer for life.

Coupons and Promotions

By offering coupons and promo codes in your orders, you can almost guarantee a second purchase from a delivery customer. Prioritize quality visuals and clear communication on your tangible promotional coupons.


Make an impression on your new customer by using eye-catching branding. As visual creatures, humans are drawn in by pretty logos, graphics, and other visuals. It gives a well-rounded, high-end experience while showing you really care about your branding.

Provide the Essentials

Don’t assume a customer has everything they need. Go over and above when it comes to providing the basics for your customer.

Always include napkins, plastic utensils, condiments, and a receipt. As a bonus, you can add in a paper menu. This will give your customers an idea of what else you offer and potentially influence a second order from your restaurant.

Food Packaging to Maintain the Integrity of the Food

There’s nothing worse than food being delivered in a soggy packaging.

As a delivery provider, you’ll want to have many different packaging options available to prevent this. This will give you the opportunity to maintain the integrity of your delivery food, no matter the texture.

Bonus points for sustainable, recycled packaging that benefits the planet.

A High-Quality Bag: One of the Best Practices in Food Delivery

One of the hardest parts about food delivery is making sure it arrives in the highest quality possible. By using the right bag, you can ensure that food gets delivered in the best shape possible.

Insulation: Separate Hot and Cold

The temperature of food is an indicator of quality and freshness.

By using an insulated bag, you can guarantee that hot delivery items stay hot and cold delivery items stay cold. You’ll want to look for an aluminum foil interior and a closed cell foam insulation, the gold standard for food delivery insulation.

It’s also important that you have two insulated bags, one for hot and another for cold. This will prevent cold food from cooling down hot food and vice versa.

Waterproof Bag

By utilizing correct packaging, you can make sure you don’t run into soggy packaging.

However, of equal importance is making sure you protect food from water externally. By using a waterproof bag, food can be delivered at the highest quality in all weather situations.

Hydrophobic treatments on waterproof fabric bags provide the ultimate protection against the elements.


Food spills, dirt, and grime can all impact the quality and longevity of a bag. This is on top of the fact that no customer wants to see their food in a smelly, dirty delivery bag.

Delivery bags specifically designed to be anti-bacterial can prevent a bag from becoming dirty while simultaneously protecting food from contamination.

Buying a bag with anti-bacterial fabric is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and provides the best experience for delivery customers.

Securing the Bag: Commit to Quality

The growing food delivery industry provides a unique opportunity for restaurant owners. Taking advantage of this new prospect can provide a new way to increase overall sales and harness a new customer market.

By offering impeccable delivery service, you can impress customers and secure them as lifetime customers. This means employing the best practices in food delivery.

By using the correct packaging, providing essentials, utilizing promotional opportunities with coupons and branding, and delivering food promptly you can ensure the best experience for your customer.

It’s important to make sure you’re using the right food delivery bag. This is key in preserving food’s temperature, preventing damage and contamination, and ensuring the overall quality of the food.

Choose Prodel Bags: Quality, Experience, and Innovation

No matter what your delivery product is, we have the right delivery bag for all your food delivery service needs. Our bags are designed with the gold-standard in mind. We utilize technologies to provide the highest quality delivery to your customers.

With over 2.4 billion orders fulfilled and over eighteen years of experience, we are well-versed the best practices in food delivery. Interested in trying out some of our world-class delivery bags or learning more? Request a quote here today.

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