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Food delivery services for restaurants and catering businesses are growing fast due to the high demand of ordering food online using smartphones and other means. It is becoming more and more common among people to easily order online from any restaurant with a single click without bothering to travel a hundred miles to get their ordered food.

With the advancement in digital technology and the rise of online food delivery platforms, the challenge in delivering food in perfect condition is becoming vital these days. For this reason, food delivery bags ought to be a top priority for any food delivery business. So,

  • Are you an owner of a restaurant or pizzeria?
  • Are you a delivery solution supplier?
  • Are you an owner of a grocery shop?
  • Are you an owner of a catering business?

We are here to assist you in choosing the right food delivery bag for your operational needs.

Since there are a lot of products that have been advertised on the web, we have decided to make a study about important factors that any food delivery bag must possess in order to to be suitable as a food delivery bag.

The below are the 7 key factors you need to consider before buying a food delivery bag:

Bag Insulation

Delivering food hot and fresh has been one of the most important factors for restaurants and catering businesses. Therefore, bags need to be insulated properly in order to keep the food hot and fresh for an extended delivery period so that your customers will be absolutely satisfied!

The below is an example of how the bag is insulated with 4 layers that consist of:

Aluminum foil: helps insulate against thermal radiation by reflecting these radiations back into the bag.

Closed cell foam: affects the two forms of heat transfer Conduction and Convection. The closed cell foam forms very small separate pockets of air so that it inhibits the flow of air from one area to the other thus insulating from thermal convection.

Corrugated plastic: used for the strength of its structure, lightweight and it’s insulating property. Like closed cell foam, the corrugated plastic affects the two heat transfer methods conduction and convection, it works on the principle that air is a low conductor of heat and as such form an insulation layer between the inside and the outside of the bag. It also separates the body of air into small partitions so that convection cannot effectively occur.

Expanded Foam: an additional layer of regular foam that helps protect the fabric of the bags and as an aesthetic look and feel for the bag.

Bag Hygiene

An important factor often not evident is how much the bag is ready to be a food delivery bag. Making the bag suitable for food delivery, requires a set of requirements which the internal fabric is a big part. The internal fabric need to be food grade and better if it is antibacterial so that it prohibits the formation of  bacteria, fungus or any other microorganism from living and growing inside the bag . The reduction of fungus and bacteria also reduces odor resulting from fermentation and dirt. Additionally AB fabrics protects the food from contamination caused by food spilling, contaminated hands and utensils, or contaminated packaging.

Prodel bags defeat all these 3 aspects that might occur during food delivery operation. Since our mission is to deliver foods in good quality and condition, we have been motivated to offer a solution for food delivery bags, and since none at that time existed, we joined forces with two big suppliers in order to develop, test and manufacture these custom built fabrics that are unique in their function and durability. It is a small push in the direction of a safer environment and an enhanced food delivery operation.

External Fabrics

Bags need a protective shield against harsh weather conditions, whether it is rain or snow, sun or wind. The external fabric plays a great role in this respect. Therefore, the bag’s fabric need to be not only waterproof but also water-repellant so the bag won’t get heavy. hydrophobic treatment of the fabric is essential to keep the fabric from getting moist and eventually leaking to the inside of the bag. All the seams, zippers, stitches and fabric joints should be treated to prevent the water to get inside the bag.


A quality bag is the sum of all the quality parts that it consists of. Any weak link in this quality chain will break and lower the value of the bag; thus, lowering the quality of the delivery operation. Accessories, zippers and the webbing used on the bags constitutes 90% of the parts. However, the zippers are considered to be the weakest link in this chain since most of the action happens in opening and closing the bag. The usage of high quality premium accessories is essential to keep the bag functioning for the whole length of its use in the operation.

Bag Structure

One of the challenges of designing a great delivery bag is giving the bag a good sturdy form without adding too much weight to the bag. Therefore, it is necessary for the bag to have sturdy structure to prevent the bag from deforming, which results in deforming of the packaging inside. Also The structure of the bag reflects your brand image to customers because your delivery bag represents your business. Hence, a poor structured bag may give a poor brand image to your customers that might be  turned off and choose to be served elsewhere. to keep a bag rigid, a combination of materials should be used like aluminum profiles and corrugated plastic.  

Ergonomic Features and Driver Experience

The bags should be ergonomically designed in order to minimize the physical effort and discomfort of the driver. The 1st reason why the bag should be ergonomic is that it remains firmly on the shoulders of the driver as he moves freely from place to place without the risk of slipping of. It can also minimize the strains on muscles, bones and joints especially when he carries multiple orders. The Ergonomic design of the bag helps to make the driver more satisfied about his working conditions. The backpack should be designed with the anatomy of a person’s back in order to keep the driver comfortable during the delivery. Furthermore, the shoulder straps are padded with 10mm of the special foam called neoprene. This foam is high density, soft and is highly durable against stress that sustains heavy use without losing its form.

Modularity and Adaptability

Delivering multiple orders instead of a single order helps the business to deliver more and to increase the return for the outlet. For this reason, the bags should be able to accommodate separators/shelves and to better organize the food inside the bag. This will help your delivery team to finish delivering more orders faster. On the other hand, delivering a single order will not only exhaust your driver, but will also slower your delivery service.

Besides the internal shelf, the bag can have an internal heated shelf which is designed to increase the temperature of the bag. It is easy to setup and easy to use. This add-on is highly demanded by the restaurants who have his clients receiving the orders at suboptimal temperatures.

Internal heated bag on the other hand, is an insulated bag that keeps food hot for a long period of time. This add-on is ideal for restaurants that need a heated solution for part of their menu. Thus, the bag can carry cold and hot foods in the same delivery, making it modular.

The internal cold compartment has the same functions as the internal heated bag except it keeps cold items cold alongside the hot items during delivery.

Finally, the cold beverage is used for carrying beverages. It is usually placed on the top of the backpack using pre-installed webbing stitched under the bag handles.

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